After watching Charlie Sheen’s latest “You Tube Show” I sit here writing horrified at the deplorable enablers of his self-destructive demise which is happening on a global scale for all of us to sadly witness. I can’t say it any more directly than this

-Charlie Sheen is an a hypomanic state which is starting to slip into a psychotic state. He is both dangerous to himself and those around him. Charlie Sheen is  suffering from a serious mental condition that must be treated with therapy and medication.

He should have been arrested in Beverly Hills when he was walking around with a machete!  I know for damn sure if I was walking down rodeo wielding a machete three shiny BHPD black whites would have pulled up and thrown me in jail.  This was yet again another missed opportunity for him to be evaluated for a 5150 psychiatric hold.  This hold would allow a team of doctors to evaluate him and begin treatment immediately.  I fear for the safety of those in his life because we know the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and Charlie Sheen has a violent history of assaulting the women in his life.

The group of individuals from his porn star baby sitters to the man Bob who was on the other end of the you tube conversation today are exacerbating  his mental condition. They are bolstering his skewed and paranoid world view while increasing his grandiosity by empowering him through word and action. In my mind these people might as well be carrying Charlie Sheen in a casket to his grave.

These people are dispicable human beings who seem to be relishing in the sick spot light that is burning down upon them. They are users and losers who should be ashamed of themselves. I just wonder what they will do with their measly lives if Charlie Sheen loses his?

What do you think of his “groupies”?