Swinging Married Couples — A Good Thing?

Posted on Apr 2, 2010 in Marriage, Sex

It seems like swinging is the new black. But before you judge swinging married couples, it turns out their behavior may have some benefits. I keep hearing about married couples who “swing” — and I don’t mean at the park! Maybe it began with Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique sharing with Barbara Walters about her “open” marriage. I have also had my share of clients disclosing that they swing within their...

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Cheaters, Narcissists and Sex Addicts, OH MY!

Posted on Dec 14, 2009 in Celebrities in the News, Marriage, Relationships, Sex, Television

Let’s face it –Tiger is not just a husband who is in a challenged marriage, but he is a serial cheater. Dr. Michelle Golland: In my practice where I see couples dealing with infidelity, they fall into two categories. 1) An infidelity as a symptom of a marriage in distress. 2) Serial cheating, where the issues involve a marriage in distress and the serial cheater’s deeper emotional problems including sexual addiction and an...

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Laughter and Love

Posted on Dec 7, 2009 in Marriage, Relationships, Sex

I recently counseled a couple that had been stuck in anger and resentment. I had encouraged them to do something fun together. The wife rolled her eyes, and the husband turned away from her. They reluctantly agreed to do dance lessons. The next week they came into my office with the funniest story about the dance class and the other partners they had to dance with. We were all laughing so hard as they each described the funny events of the...

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Why Some Women Sleep with Married Men

Posted on Dec 6, 2009 in Marriage, Relationships, Sex

Some women sleep with married men because they most likely have been “mean girls” for a long time. These mean-girl man-stealers do not understand the bond of true sisterhood, and may have trouble with establishing or sustaining authentic female relationships because it is probably hard to find a nice girlfriend who would support their home-wrecking ways. Such a woman may not have ever gotten enough attention from her father, and...

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Tiger, Three Strikes and You’re Out!

Posted on Dec 3, 2009 in Celebrities in the News, Marriage, Sex, Television

Tiger doesn’t have to be benched forever. He can come back into the game, and even back into a healthy marriage with Elin. Will it take work? Yes. Will it be painful? Yes. Will he have to face issues he never wanted to look at in himself or in his wife? Yes. If he rises to this challenge in his marriage, will his kids be better for it? Yes. Will he and Elin be better people and better partners for it? For sure! We are surprised, but we...

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CAP: Citizens Against Predators

Posted on Nov 24, 2009 in Children, Parenting, Sex

I’m infuriated at seeing more and more child sexual predators get off with easy sentences. The time for justice is now. During this year, we have seen too many stories about repeat child sexual predators being involved yet again in the rape or murder of a child. I am continually outraged by our unimaginably flawed system that is supposedly designed to protect our children from further harm. These predatory animals are released again and...

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